Monitoring & Data Intelligence

Our goals



Using concrete data, previously validated and processed, we obtain valuable insights for our clients. Our DI tool integrates a wide range of data sources from social networks and digital media. The entire data collection analysis and interpretation process is aligned with the specific needs for each client, making it possible to identify patterns, trends and correlations with a view to optimizing strategies

what we do

  • We actively monitor the brand’s online reputation, identifying opportunities to reinforce its presence and proactively respond to any challenges.
  • We provide valuable insights into the activities and perceptions of your company’s leaders, aiding in the construction of a strong leadership image.
  • We monitor the strategies and performance of your competitors, identifying areas of opportunity and optimizing your own approach.
  • We deliver detailed reports, presenting information clearly and organized in charts and processed data, enabling informed and strategic decision-making.
  • We anticipate and manage potential crises through constant analysis of digital discourse and the sending of alerts, allowing for a quick and effective response to protect the company’s reputation.