What we do

JLM & Associados’ core business is corporate communication consultancy, with a strong emphasis in the financial branch.


Strategic Consultancy of Communication

ADVICE. JLM&A looks at communication as a management tool and permanently supports its clients in achieving their various goals and dealing with any unexpected crises. With its vast experience in bespoke, strategic business communication, JLM&A advises its clients and develops campaigns that increase their visibility in the public eye, and increase value from a shareholder perspective. Its clients are some of Portugal’s biggest companies and institutions, including Banco Santander, SUMOL + COMPAL, the Champalimaud Foundation, and Grupo Impresa.


Media Relations

EXPERIENCE. JLM&A is proud to have a team of consultants who used to be specialised journalists, writing in a variety of areas. This constitutes a competitive advantage when establishing effective relationships between clients and the media. Due to their experience in newsrooms, JLM&A consultants are familiar with the code of ethics, as well as the needs and priorities of journalists. In this way they are able to convey the messages of their clients, taking into account media interests in an environment of respect and transparency.


Crisis management

REPUTATION. In the dynamic environment of the endless cycle of digital news and content, threats to corporate reputation evolve rapidly and take on a new and unexpected growth. At JLM&A we have developed a set of skills at the prevention and crisis management level, in order to minimise any negative impact on our clients’ image. These skills take full account of relations with both the media and key stakeholders.


Financial communication

INVESTMENT. JLM&A has developed skills in the area of financial communication monitoring, M&A, IPO operations, privatisations and supporting the communication of listed companies in their daily operational activity: issuing of new shares and obligations, capital increases and other financial instruments. Among JLM&A’s clients are retail and investment banks, as well as companies with financial characteristics such as investments funds.


Reputation and presence

DEMAND. The sustainable management of the reputation of public figures requires more than just tactical and financial management. With the growing demand for highly professionalised public image and reputation management we have taken the opportunity to place ourselves as the central driver of this change.

PRESENCE. Aiming to enhance the presence of our clients in the national and international markets we present a 360º proposal that covers several areas of the relationships of celebrities with brands and media: Relationships with Press, Clipping, Digital Presence and Social Media, Agencying and Advisory.



OPPORTUNITY: The digital universe is unavoidable. With mobile technology came new habits of information consumption, of content management and consequently in the way brands practice and operate. The ubiquity of digital content represents an opportunity for brands to approach their various targets, to build relations and optimise their investment in marketing and communication. However, any digital presence, or more specifically social media, demands preparation and the guarantee of professional management.

SERVICE. At JLM&A we consider digital content an essential part of communication and we distinguish ourselves by making a strategic approach on both the level of each client’s digital ecosystem and in the way companies can prepare themselves internally for this reality (human resources, processes and platforms.) In the digital area we are therefore well equipped to provide services of Digital Marketing Consultancy, Digital Project and Social Network Management, and Prevention and Crisis Management.


Public Affairs

MOBILITY: The best Public Affairs strategy requires knowledge, information and the ability to engage. At JLM&A we choose a multidimensional reading of this area, gathering different areas with transparency: interpersonal relations, stakeholders mapping and the ability to mobilise are cornerstones of defining a successful strategy. The execution of this strategy demands a basic set of skills and the involvement of committed and specialised teams.