PORTUGUESE SPEAKING COUNTRIES. Economic changes taking place in the last decade and a half in the technology and in the media sectors, as well as the needs of our clients, have stimulated a considered and safe growth, both in the redefinition of the services we offer and in their geographic scope. This gave rise to JLM&A Mozambique in 2013, and in 2014 we also started to provide services directly in Angola. 


Rua Joshua Benoliel, 6 Edif. Alto das Amoreiras, 4º A
1250-133 Lisboa


Avenida Vladimir Lenine, Edifício Millennium Park, 174, 13º, Sala 3
José Manuel Pessanha - Country Manager
Afonso Vaz Pinto


Via S8, Cidade Financeira,
Bloco 3 - 1.º Andar, 104 OfficeHub - Sala 2.4 Talatona - Luanda
Dina Cortinhas - Directora Executiva de Angola