LEADERSHIP. JLM & Associados was founded in January 1998 by João Líbano Monteiro and Fernando Maia Cerqueira and is established as one of the premier Portuguese  PR companies operating in the country. Relying both on national and international partnerships, JLM & Associados also has offices in Luanda (Angola) and Maputo (Mozambique).

INNOVATION. JLM & Associados is known for its constant innovation and continuous adaptation to its clients’ needs, committing to its challenges in an environment of partnership and direct connection between its employees and the management of its client companies.  It is this same connection that ensures maximum commitment as well as a deeper knowledge and a renewed response capability.

VALUES. Our working method allows the creation of strong and lasting relationships, symbolising a brand that preserves and values, above all, the power of people, with their differences and qualifications.